Vaccination Education Studies

Vaccination education studies include the following:

  1. Pharmacists’ Pneumonia Prevention Project (PPPP): assessing the costs and impact of a pharmacist-led pneumonia vaccine education program delivered in the senior center setting to community-dwelling older Philadelphians on knowledge, beliefs, and vaccine activation.
  2. Vaccine Education through Pharmacists and Senior Centers (VEPSC): assessing the costs and outcomes of a vaccine education program covering pneumonia, zoster, and influenza and delivered in the senior center setting by either a peer leader or a pharmacist to a group community-dwelling older adults in the Delaware Valley.


. Knowledge, Activation, and Costs of the Pharmacists' Pneumonia Prevention Program (PPPP): A Novel Senior Center Model to Promote Vaccination. In AOP, 2017.

PDF Project

. Developing Beliefs that Support Vaccination: Results from the Pharmacists’ Pneumonia Prevention Program. ISPOR poster, 2016.

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